Blended learning - the best of two worlds

Blended learning combines the effectiveness and flexibility of e-learning with social aspects of joint training. Blended learning combines two methods of learning and thus combines the advantages of both methods.


Blended learning includes learning and training concepts aiming at a blend of traditional classroom tuition and virtual learning on the basis of new information and communication media.


Electronic interactive learning is not meant to replace the language trainer. The CD Rom, which includes online consultancy if requested, supports the advantages of inlingua language training in writing, listening comprehension, memorising, pronunciation and reading comprehension.


In co-operation with iOL, we offer software based on our proven training system for all levels in five European languages, i.e.


  • English,

  • French,

  • Italian,

  • Spanish

  • and German as a foreign language


offering top-quality online learning.


inlingua Online Learning - iOL

inlingua Online Learning is a professional online learning platform. iOL offers you additional practice to support you language learning. You have personal online access and can use your personal learning platform at any time and anywhere. More than 4,000 exercises support your progress on the way to achieving your personal language target.


inlingua Online Learning comprises the following:

  • A workbook with many exercises, individually tailored to your previous knowledge.

    iOL is available for learning English, Spanish, French, Italian and German as a foreign language.

    Flexible learning is fun and facilitates the introduction of the foreign language. We will be delighted to help you.

  • A grammar book with explanations and exercises for all grammatical structures – for looking things up.

  • Exercises for speaking and listening comprehension, many story texts, a collection of idioms and a large number of spoken language recordings.

  • Numerous vocabulary exercises, either in general language or specific language related to your profession.

  • A message system to communicate with the online trainer or other language learners. You receive your corrected homework by email via this message system.

  • An encyclopaedia where the vocabulary you have looked up is automatically saved. Based on the entries you can do specific vocabulary exercises.

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