The inlingua Method: direct-active-all the time

The language training you will experience at inlingua sets out to take you methodically, systematically and by the shortest route to command of the target language. Your trainer uses only his mother tongue – from the first training session on.


Learn languages the best way by speaking them.

And speaking is what we will get you to do: reacting in standard situations, taking the initiative to get what you want, saying what you want to say, role plays, communication activities, simulated dialogs. We want you to be able to use your language skills at any time in various situations.

  • No grammatical lectures, but you learn to use the language correctly. New words are not translated, but made clear and put into immediate, active use.
  • The training is structured and includes a variety of different activities: controlled practice, freer practice, dialogs, role plays and discussion, plus the use of media such as video and CD-ROM.
  • You are guided and supported by trainers who are native speakers and trained teachers.
  • Regular exercises and tests show you what your current level is and what areas need reinforcement and improvement. inlingua tests and examinations are of course lined up with internationally recognized certificates.
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